Send pesos to Philippines


Overseas Filipino workers can save money by researching the best way to send money to the Philippines.

With around 3.5 million Filipinos working abroad, there is clearly a need for a convenient and cost-effective way to send money home.

While cash transfer companies could look like one of the simplest ways to send money to the Philippines, there are a number of pitfalls in this method.

These kinds of establishments tend to be poorly regulated, which makes them potentially risky.

Furthermore, they are unlikely to offer a competitive rate of currency exchange, even if they don't charge fees or commission.

A cheaper and safer way to send peso to the Philippines is to make use of a regulated foreign exchange broker.

Opening an account with RationalFX today will allow you to see exactly how much money you can save when sending wages home.

You can send money to a bank account or to a pre-determined pick up point without having to pay high fees or commission.

Instead, you will be provided with a competitive rate of exchange for the peso and you will save money when sending money to the Philippines with RationalFX.