Send money to Brazil


Brazilians in Spain who are providing for their family back home should consider the best way to send money to Brazil.

While there are a number of available options, not every choice will offer a currency exchange rate anywhere near that which you will see on the news.

Indeed, cash transfer services are likely to offer some of the poorest rates going.

Furthermore, the supplier has to ask a lot of anti-money laundering questions, which can prove time consuming for the client looking to send money to Brazil quickly.

If the recipient is in possession of a bank account then a direct bank-to-bank transfer is an alternative option.

However, even this method is unlikely to offer currency exchange rates that are as competitive as those available at a foreign exchange broker such as RationalFX.

Using a regulated to broker to send money to Brazil will save people money. You can send money by paying with your debit card, iDEAL or ELV and pay the cash directly into a Brazilian bank account with low fees and a great exchange rate.